For want of a nail the shoe was lost. ⇒ 教訓 34
   For want of a nail the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for want of a horse the man (or rider) was lost. ⇒ 教訓 34
   One nail drives out another. ⇒ 教訓 2
   When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. ⇒ 教訓144

   A good name is better than riches. ⇒ 教訓153
   A good name is rather to be chosen. ⇒ 教訓 15
   A good name is sooner lost than won. ⇒ 教訓201
   A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.[Shakespeare] ⇒ 教訓 28
   Give a dog a bad name and hang him. ⇒ 教訓201
   He that has an ill name is half hanged. ⇒ 教訓201
   No names, no pack drill. ⇒ 教訓135
   What's in a name? [W. Shakespeare] ⇒ 教訓 28

   See Naples and then die. ⇒ 教訓 16

   An enemy to beauty is a foe to nature. ⇒ 教訓 16
   Custom is another nature. ⇒ 教訓243
   Habit is a second nature. ⇒ 教訓243
   It is harder to change human nature than to change rivers and mountains. ⇒ 教訓238
   Nature abhors a vacuum. ⇒ 教訓 67
   Nature hates all sudden changes. ⇒ 教訓 67
   Nature is conquered by obeying her. ⇒ 教訓147
   Nurture is above nature. ⇒ 教訓241
   Nurture passes nature. . ⇒ 教訓241
   One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. ⇒ 教訓135
   Self-preservation is the first law of nature. ⇒ 教訓127

   Naughty boys sometimes make good men. ⇒ 教訓180

   He that will not when he may, when he will he shall have nay. ⇒ 教訓116

   Necessity and opportunity may make a coward valiant. ⇒ 教訓264
   Necessity has (or knows) no law. ⇒ 教訓 94
   Necessity is the mother of invention. ⇒ 教訓 90

   A friend in need is a friend indeed. ⇒ 教訓140
   A guilty conscience needs no accuser. ⇒ 教訓260
   A woman need but look on her apron-string to find an excuse. ⇒ コトワザこぼれ話(5)
   Advice when most needed is least heeded. ⇒ 教訓204
   An idle youth, a needy age. ⇒ 教訓245
   At the need the friend is known. ⇒ 教訓140
   Good wine needs no bush. ⇒ 教訓 28
   He that is down need fear no fall. ⇒ 教訓123
   It needs more skill than I can tell to play the second fiddle well.[Charles H. Spurgeon] ⇒ 教訓147
   Needs must when the devil drives. ⇒ 教訓 94
   Truth has no need of rhetoric. ⇒ 教訓189
   Wise men need not blush for changing their purposes. ⇒ 教訓 77

   It is as hard as for a camel to pass through a needle's eye. [Matthew, Mark] ⇒ 教訓 32
   It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. [Matthew, Mark] ⇒ 教訓 32・ ⇒ 教訓152

   A good neighbor is better than a brother far off. ⇒ 教訓 4
   A great man and a great river are often ill neighbors. ⇒ 教訓 38
   Good fences make good neighbors. ⇒ 教訓 9
   Joy and sorrow are next door neighbors. ⇒ 教訓  2
   Love your neighbor as yourself.[Leviticus] ⇒ 教訓251
   Love your neighbor, yet pull not down your fence. ⇒ 教訓 9
   My neighbor's goat gives more milk than mine. ⇒ 教訓 12
   Our neighbor's ground yields better corn than our own. ⇒ 教訓 12
   The rotten apple injures its neighbor. ⇒ 教訓130

   Birds in their little nests agree.[Isaac Watts] ⇒ 教訓133
   It is a foolish bird that soils its own nest. ⇒ 教訓 4
   It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest. ⇒ 教訓4

   All is fish that comes to the net. ⇒ 教訓157
   In vain the net is spread in the sight of the bird. ⇒ 教訓 81

   He who handles a nettle tenderly is soonest stung. ⇒ 教訓 96
   If you gently touch a nettle it'll sting you for your pains. ⇒ 教訓 96
   It is better to be stung by a nettle than pricked by a rose. ⇒ 教訓138

   Bad news travels fast. ⇒ 教訓200
   Go abroad and you'll hear news of home. ⇒ 教訓 8
   Go into the country, to hear what news in town. ⇒ 教訓 8
   Ill news comes too soon. ⇒ 教訓200
   No news is good news. ⇒ 教訓 3
   You must go into the country to hear what news at London. ⇒ 教訓 8

   shoot Niagara ⇒ 教訓 96

   A red sky at night is the shepherd's delight. ⇒ コトワザこぼれ話(3)
   After night comes the day. ⇒ 教訓 58
   If you sing before breakfast, you will cry before night. ⇒ 教訓 63
   Night brings cousel. ⇒ 教訓205
   Red sky at night, shepherd's delight; red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning. ⇒ コトワザこぼれ話(3)
   Sing before breakfast, cry before night. ⇒ 教訓 63
   The law is not the same at morning and at night. ⇒ 教訓 47
   The longest night will have an end. ⇒ 教訓 58
   The night is mother of counsel. ⇒ 教訓205

   A cat has nine lives.《猫には九つの命がある》 ⇒ 教訓 52
   A stitch in time saves nine. ⇒ 教訓35・ ⇒ 教訓115
   A wonder lasts but nine days. ⇒ 教訓 47
   Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration. ⇒ 教訓105
   Ninety percent of inspiration is perspiration. ⇒ 教訓105
   Possession is nine tenths of the law. ⇒ 教訓 5
   Possession is nine (or eleven) points of the law. ⇒ 教訓 5
   When you tread on nine daisies at once, spring has come. ⇒ 教訓 44

   A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse. ⇒ 教訓 91・ ⇒ 教訓206
   A nod is as good as a wink. ⇒ 教訓206
   Even Homer sometimes nods.[Horace] ⇒ 教訓232
   Homer sometimes nods.[Horace] ⇒ 教訓232

   Don't cut off your nose to spite your face. ⇒ 教訓 69
   He sees no farther than the end of his nose. ⇒ 教訓 43
   He that has a great nose thinks everybody is speaking of it. ⇒ 教訓231
   Someone cannot see beyond the end of his nose. ⇒ 教訓 43

   Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see. ⇒ 教訓176
   Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.[Alexander Pope] ⇒ 教訓 66
   By doing nothing we learn to do ill. ⇒ 教訓213
   Civility (or Courtesy) costs nothing. ⇒ 教訓 153
   Doing nothing is doing ill. ⇒ 教訓213
   Great trees are good for nothing but shade. ⇒ 教訓 38
   He that knows nothing doubts nothing. ⇒ 教訓168
   He that nothing questions nothing learns. ⇒ 教訓 92
   He that will do no ill, must do nothing that belongs thereto. ⇒ 教訓121
   He who makes no mistakes makes nothing. ⇒ 教訓232
   Nothing comes of nothing. ⇒ 教訓217
   Nothing costs so much as what is given us. ⇒ 教訓158
   Nothing hurts like the truth. ⇒ 教訓189
   Nothing is as good as it seems beforehand. ⇒ 教訓 13
   Nothing is certain but death and taxes.[Benjamin Franklin] ⇒ 教訓 49
   Nothing is certain but the unforeseen. ⇒ 教訓 15
   Nothing is so bad in which there is not something of good. ⇒ 教訓 1
   Nothing is so certain as the unexpected. ⇒ 教訓 15
   Nothing seek, nothing find. ⇒ 教訓 92
   Nothing should be done in haste but gripping a flea. ⇒ 教訓 98
   Nothing stake, nothing draw. ⇒ 教訓 96
   Nothing succeeds like success. ⇒ 教訓 50・ ⇒ 教訓148
   Nothing ventured, nothing gained. ⇒ 教訓 96
   Send a wise man on an errand and say nothing unto him. ⇒ 教訓174
   Something is better than nothing. ⇒ 教訓 74
   The sun loses nothing by shining into a puddle. ⇒ 教訓131
   There is nothing new under the sun.[Ecclesiastes] ⇒ 教訓 48
   There is nothing permanent except change.[Heraclitus] ⇒ 教訓47
   There is nothing that costs less than civility. ⇒ 教訓 153
   You do not get something for nothing. ⇒ 教訓158

   Nurture and good manners maketh man. ⇒ 教訓242
   Nurture is above nature. ⇒ 教訓241
   Nurture passes nature. ⇒ 教訓241

   A woman, a dog, and a walnut tree, the more you beat them the better they be. ⇒ コトワザこぼれ話(5)
   The gods send nuts to those who have no teeth. ⇒ 教訓 52
   Walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs. ⇒ 教訓 246