"Bringing your garden into your house" is the idea of flower
arrangers in Britain. ”あなたの庭をあなたの家の中へ”これが基本的なアイデイアです。

So the way of arranging flowers starts from the daily life of the people whereas、in contrast, in Japan it came
from the way of ritual, the Sado, a tea ceremony, where the use of each piece of flower or branch has a

In England plants and flowers are part of everyday life and each house has a garden or yard, no matter what
the size is. Those people who live in flats have balconies which are decorated with potted plants, or boxes, in
which flowers are planted and which are known as window boxes.
People love gardening by themselves or by the hands of a specialist.
The gardens are well kept with seasonal flowers.

Even in winter the lawn stays green and various tints of green colours are arranged in the design of conifers
and shrubs.

You may have experienced coming upon such a scene in a book where the main character of the story is
strolling in the field or garden collecting flowers and then bringing them into her house.

The lady of the house welcomes guests with a bunch of flowers and foliage from her garden. In autumn season
nuts, fruits, corns and berries are used for arrangements and at Christmas a wreath is hung on the wall or door
decorated with these natural materials.

Before you start arranging, you have to take into consideration such things as; where the arrangements is to
be placed-on the table, in the corner of the room, what colour is the wall paper, how large the space is, etc.

Or for what purpose this arrangement is to be: - for a wedding, just for the dinner table a baby shower, etc.
Then eventually you get the idea for your arrangement.

This is just an information of how flower arrangement started in England.